3rd Annual Junior Rugby Tournament – A Success

Freeport, GB, Bahams – Last weekend, the Freeport Rugby Club held their 3rd Annual Junior Rugby International Tournament. It was a great success.

Arriving in The Bahamas were teams from The Cayman Islands and America to play the great game of rugby. The teams all showed great sportsmanship and it was obvious they all enjoyed themselves a lot. There were teams from under nine to sixteen years old. 

On Friday night there was a welcome pizza party. 80 pizzas were delivered to the club, which was good as while eating the kids all got to get to know one and another. When the coaches and teams arrived they ran onto the pitch and all of a sudden the field was filled with young rugby players. It was really cool to see so many people there playing on the field and just having fun.

On Saturday there were games all day. They all started on time and the organizers did a great job of sticking to the planned schedule getting all the games finished by 5pm so we could then all watch an exhibition game played by The Golden Oldies, teams made up of men over 35 years of age.

The Golden Oldies result was a shock to everyone watching as Key Biscayne thrashed the combined Cayman Bahamas team. Most people did not realize that the Key Biscayne team had players who were ex-Argentinian National players. It was exciting to watch but clear to see that they had so much more experience and must of practiced all the time as they outclassed the opposition.

The Bahamas Junior teams played really well. They were very quick on the break and showed a lot of natural talent. They had obviously had been working hard on their organisation but they still need to develop their passing and tackling skills to match the other teams.

I was surprised yet pleased to see two girls playing for Cayman but when they got out on the pitch that they could hold their own and played really well and also tackled extremely well. The coaches told me that in fact ladies rugby is growing around the world and is very entertaining to watch.

On Sunday there was a Barbarian style competition for the Under 13’s where all the three countries joined together to produce four teams who played each other. The final scores on this day were ignored because it was no longer a competition against countries but purely for the love of the game.

This weekend was brilliant. The parents from Key Biscayne and Cayman should be congratulated for making the effort to come up to Freeport and for helping put on such a great tournament, without them we would not of had a one. It was also great to see so many people from Freeport come out and support the club and teams.

Many of the traveling teams said that it was a fantastic weekend and they would be definitely coming back next year.

Even though I don’t play but I still had a great weekend and enjoyed mixing with new people. Well done Freeport Rugby Club!

The results for the games are as follows:

Under 9’s – Key Biscayne won with two wins. First Key Biscayne,  Second Freeport, Third Cayman.

Under 11’s – Key Biscayne won with two wins. First Key Biscayne,  Second Freeport, Third Cayman.

Under 13’s  – There were two teams from Cayman, their first team won with three wins. First Cayman 1, Second Freeport and Key Biscayne, Third Cayman 2.

Under 15’s – There were two teams from Freeport. Their first team won with two wins. First Freeport 1, Second Cayman and Key Biscayne, Third Freeport 2.

 Written by :

 Tom Purvis is an avid sports enthusiast.  At age 13, he attends Lucaya International High School in Year 8.  His parents are hoping that by putting pen to paper Tom can share his love of sports, tell more people about sports, and hopefully improve his English writing skills. Tom loves feedback and welcomes any questions. 

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Saturday Sports Club – 4rs – 6yrs at The Club

Saturday Sports Club: Fun based sports activities for 4 to 6 year old boys


Saturday mornings sees the re-launch of a new junior sports programme at the Freeport Rugby Football Club, The Saturday Sports Club.

The programme is for    young boys aged four to six and:

  • Aims      to establish    a ‘play  group’       atmosphere  for  youngsters ( and   adults)
  • Where      the  child  can learn and develop physical  skills such as running , jumping ,      hopping , throwing and  kicking
  • And  where, in addition, the  boy can practice important  social skills such as teamwork,      sharing  and  sportsmanship

The big  difference in this  programme however  is that it is boys’  parents and  guardians who  will take an active  role in developing  their  child   in these areas  rather  than a coach. We recognize that especially during their early years, the best role model for a young child is their parents, grand parents or older siblings and family members. Accordingly this programme looks to embrace this by asking that such a figure both accompanies and actively interacts with the child each week.

Organizer Mark Hardy says the plan is to run a series of activities at numerous ‘play stations’ each week, at   which the young boys explore along with their adult companion. These stations will vary from running and jumping to throwing, catching or kicking a ball. In addition a number of games will be played which will also supplement the learning process whilst the boys continue to have fun.

As a result of these games and activities, it is hoped that the youngsters will learn the fundamentals of many team sports as well as the concept of fair play and team work etc.

The programme runs  every Saturday morning and is  expected to last approximately  one  hour each week , depending upon  the  attention span of the  youngsters !!  Interested persons can either contact Freeport Rugby Football Club or go to Saturday Sports Club on Facebook to see more details. Places  will be limited to  approximately  one  dozen to fifteen boys as the  organizers wish to  limit the  numbers to ensure    a  friendly, intimate atmosphere where the boys can have  easy access to multiple  balls, hoops  etc.

Cost of the programme is $25 per child or is included as part of Freeport Rugby Football Club’s family membership programme package.

Boys and adults should wear tennis/training   shoes and PE/sports uniform.


Contact Facebook: Saturday Sports Club or

Email:   [email protected]

Freeport v Miami Tridents (check the weather out)!!

Thanks again for hosting us, we all had a great time and cant wait for next year.

Miami Tridents annual trip to Freeport is caught of video!!  If you have 80 minutes ot spare check it out!  Thanks to the Miami boys and we look forward to seeing them next year!

2012 / 13 Program Schedule….



·         Started – Saturday Sports Club – Juniors 4yrs – 6 yrs                                                         11am – Midday – Must be accompanied by an adult. All of games and fun – More Info – [email protected]


·         Starts Saturday October 6th – Junior Rugby – 10 yrs – 15 yrs                                          10.30am – Midday – Hugely successful last year so let’s keep building on the program! –

More Info – [email protected]


·         Starts Wednesday October 3rd – Junior Soccer – 8yrs – 12 yrs                                      5.00pm – 6.15pm – All Soccer happens on Wednesday so bring along your child for some fantastic coaching

More Info – [email protected]


·         Started Wednesdays – Under 16yrs Junior Soccer – 12 yrs – 16 yrs                           5.00pm – 6.15pm – More Info – [email protected] or [email protected]


·         Started Wednesdays – Senior Soccer –                                                                                  6.30pm – 8.00pm – More Info – [email protected] or [email protected]


·         Started Tuesday & Thursdays – Senior Rugby                                                                     6.30pm – 8.00pm – More Info – [email protected]


·         Starts Saturday October 6th Girls Soccer –                                                                              Always a FANTASTIC program for the girls – More Info – [email protected]