PHOTO: Bahamas Photographer

The club are the 2008 Bahamas Cup Champions and the Winners of the 2008 Bahamas Championships — plus we have a thriving youth rugby program.

Men’s rugby practice is on both Mondays and Thursdays, with games expected to begin in November. A Golden oldies tour is expected to be announced soon.

Youth rugby (for ages 10 and above) will begin in late October from 10am to midday every Saturday.

The Club hosts the infamous Easter festival in which our finely tuned band of athletes put their reputation (both playing and social) on the line against all comers from all over the world (see visiting teams section).

Date Time Teams (Home team on left) Event
Oct. 13th 10:30am Cracked Conchs v Florida Old Boys Tour
12:00 Nassau Select v Naples RFC Tour
Oct. 20th Cultural Festival
Oct. 27th 3:00pm President’s XV v Vice President’s XV
Nov. 3rd 2:00pm Cuckoos v Freeport BAH
4:00pm Buccaneers v Baillou BAH
Nov. 10th 2:00pm Buccaneers v Cuckoos Nas
4:00pm Potcakes v Baillou Nas
Nov. 17th 2:00pm Buccaneers v Potcakes Nas
4:00pm Baillou v Cuckoos Nas
Nov. 24th 2:00pm Freeport v Baillou BAH
3:00pm Potcakes v Cuckoos BAH
Dec. 1st 3:00pm Cuckoos v Buccaneers Nas
Dec. 8th 2:00pm Freeport v Buccaneers BAH
3:00pm Baillou v Potcakes BAH
Dec. 15th 1:00pm Buck Johnson 10s Tnmt.
Dec. 22nd Christmas Break
Dec. 26th 1:00pm Boxing Day 7s Tnmt.
Jan. 12th 2:00pm Potcakes v Buccaneers Nas
4:00pm Cuckoos v Baillou Nas
Jan. 19th 2:00pm Baillou v Buccaneers Nas
4:00pm Cuckoos v Potcakes Nas
Jan. 26th 2:00pm Freeport v Cuckoos BAH
3:00pm Baillou v Potcakes Nas


Feb. 2nd 2:00pm Potcakes v Freeport BAH
4:00pm Buccaneers v Baillou Nas
Feb. 9th 2:00pm Youth 7s Tnmt.
4:00pm Buccaneers v Cuckoos BAH
Feb. 16th 2:00pm Freeport v Potcakes BAH
3:00pm Cuckoos v Baillou BAH
Feb. 23rd 2:00pm Potcakes v Cuckoos Nas
4:00pm Baillou v Buccaneers BAH
Mar. 2nd 2:00pm Buccaneers v Freeport BAH
4:00pm Baillou v Cuckoos BAH
Mar. 9th 3:00pm Potcakes v Buccaneers BAH
Mar. 16th 2:00pm Potcakes v Baillou BAH
4:00pm Cuckoos v Buccaneers BAH
Mar. 23rd 3:00pm Buccaneers v Potcakes BAH
Mar. 30th 2:00pm Baillou v Freeport BAH
4:00pm Cuckoos v Potcakes BAH
Apr. 6th 1:00pm Youth 7s Tnmt.
Apr 13th Easter Break
Apr. 20th 3:00pm Play Offs (1v4; 2v3) BAH
Apr. 27th 3:00pm Bahamas Cup Final BAH