Club History

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God’s !

Like any good stories, the history of Freeport Rugby Football club begins with The Holy Trinity: Kirk Antoni (God), Chris Cafferata (The Son) and David Jenkins (The Holy Spirit) . No story past, present or future about the Club would be complete without mention of one of these 3 characters.

The Club was founded in 1965 as a number of poor desperate souls, who had wandered from Middle Earth (or as it is commonly known now Britain), sought refuge on a small land holding on Grand Bahama. Comforted by the tempting smell of chicken sh*t which (to this day) floats alluring through the air , the intrepid travellers decided to stake claim to the land and declare it the Democratic Republic Of Freeport Rugby Football Club. The aim of the club was to attract all like minded individuals to a location where men could be men, some good natured sporting contact could be had and a few beers could be quaffed in the relative peace and harmony of the clubhouse.

Forty years on the club and its members are a little older, a little wiser (possibly), a little richer (possibly) and certainly showing the signs of old age (unless you die your hair to cover up the grey (see section of ridiculous haircuts and facial hair sponsored by Robert Nabb).

In honour of the fortieth anniversary (and in order to speed up the process of getting this web site ‘back on line), a more detailed historic overview is currently being prepared . In addition a new section is to be added in which members from bygone days can recollect on famous deeds and escapades. Such nation-building exploits will include but will not be limited to:

•Bert Campbell’s experience with a transvestite (I did not kiss him, he stuck his tongue down my throat)

•Bob Davis’ ashtray throwing tantrum

•Roger Duthie sleeping in his bed outside his apartment on his stag doo (and peeing himself)

•Rob Speller’s drunken escapade (please simply type in month and year for complete list)

•The night Eric ‘Timber’ Forbes came crashing down

•The fortnight of the two broken arms and the broken leg – and the curse of the golden boot !

•Alan Bater’s Amex gold card and Speedos story

•Nicky teaching Bert to swim

•Why KC cannot go on tour

•Ernie Blue’s impression of the Rain Main

•The Neet hair removal story