The Club

Freeport Rugby vs Cuckoos (Feb 2012)

The Club is proud to offer the best amateur club facilities in the Caribbean which include :

•Floodlit pitch suitable for rugby and football Club house with fully stocked bar (providing you don’t want a Kalik)

•The Club is in the process of developing 2 practice pitches, another full size soccer pitch and possibly a 5 a side pitch also

•Changing and showering facilities

•Swimming pool

•Satellite TV offering the latest sporting match ups and ‘Frankie Vaughan’

•Kitchen and dining area

•Pool table and table tennis table and dart board

•Washing machine – available for touring teams to use


Sounds grand I know but basically those poor buggers who do most of the work!

• Rob Speller (President — pictured right having a rum and coke)

• Mike Tully (Secretary)

• Philip Page (Treasurer)

• Nigel Kirkby

• Antony Johns

• Mark Hardy

• Christopher Baker

• Debbie Borsetto

Club Rules

The rules are simple:

•Pay your membership

•Come training

•Play to win

•Honour your round of drinks

•What goes on tour stays on tour



It is at the top Settlers Way – coming from the airport you turn left at the gas station (about 3/4 mile from airport) , 200 yards down Settlers Way is the YMCA where you will see a soccer field. Next door to that is the Mecca known as Freeport Rugby Football Club. You will see a set of rugby posts and a set of goal posts and a bunch of finely chiseled athletes going through their paces!