On Saturday afternoon, the “golden oldies”, as they say in the rugby world, were back on the Freeport Rugby & Football Club (FRFC) pitch for a game with the GITS from Toronto.

Past players were thrilled to welcome a second visiting team to Grand Bahama for a weekend of revelry and fun, which ended with a hard-won game.

The team was also cheered on by the prime minister’s wife, Ann Marie Davis, who was visiting the island for the weekend and made a quick stop at the club to welcome the visiting players.

The Toronto team of 18 had a difficult time arriving on the island, due to Fort Lauderdale weather issues, but managed to get rerouted in time to stay at Viva Fortuna and enjoy a few days in Freeport supporting the game and enjoying the island.

Nigel Kirkby, coach and FRFC’s team captain, was excited to be back out on the pitch.

“We want to thank the team for coming down, for being generous tourists and for a sportsman-like game, which is the ethos of golden oldies rugby,” Kirkby said.

Source: Nassau Guardian