The Barrhaven Scottish Old Boys (B.S.O.B’s) are a full contact rugby football club based in Ottawa Ontario.

The Old Boys are the most senior contingent (35 years plus) of the Barrhaven Scottish Rugby Club

2012 saw the launch of an Old Boys squad and in 2 short years has seen the team develop from touch rugby scrimmage to fulfilling a full fixture schedule largely against teams from Ottawa but travelling as far as Belleville and all points in between.2014 saw the opportunity for the B.S.O.B’s to travel to Freeport Grand Bahama to take on the Freeport Oldboys.

Shot in documentary style this short film documents how 18 players (some with affiliations to other clubs) escaped the harsh Canadian winter to leave it all on the pitch, what rugby means to them and the development of great relationships with the Host Freeport club.