This Friday evening sees the start of the 2012 / 13 season at the Freeport Rugby Football Club with the annual Presidents Cocktail Party. The event provides the opportunity for members and potential members to pay their fees for the upcoming season.

The club is a non profit organization and relies heavily on memberships etc to run the programs for the year (see below / attached) and keep the club open.

Affordable memberships are available for all players / families and persons who just want to contribute to the club so please come along and sign up on the night. Finger foods and open bar (liquor and wine and beer specials) will be available to those or do sign up.

The Club provides some great youth programs and of course our fantastic Soccer Camp each year and last year was one of our busiest ever when it came to kids programs / games and general activities. In these tough times we are well aware that funds are not easy to come by but whatever membership you choose we will make the most of everyone dollar. For more information on the programs please email the person on the schedule for that particular program or [email protected] at anytime. We look forward to seeing everyone friday from 7pm – 9pm.