FREEPORT, Bahamas — The weekend of May 12th & 13th was set up for a wonderful event. The first annual Tri Nations Junior rugby Festival with teams from the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the Bahamas competing for the chance to be crowned the Junior Champions of rugby. It was obvious from the outset that Bermuda had come to win the competition as they arrived in Grand Bahama two days before the tournament was due to kick off to get settled and put in a couple of practice sessions. The tournament was set up by The Freeport Rugby & Football club who had hosted the Cayman Islands the previous year.

Saturday morning saw the festival part of the weekend with teams being split into size categories thereby allowing for a fair and safe competition. There was also a Barbarians side that comprised of players from all three countries who worked and played together in the true spirit of the sport.

Alltogether there was four hours of rugby played and as the festival finished some of the boys asked their coaches for more. This gave one final game where everyone came together and made up two scratch teams with players from all countries playing with and against team mates and foes. All in all there was fantastic takling, wonderful running and some amazing tries scored by all of the teams.
Sunday heralded a more serious attitude, all set off by the playing of the counties national anthems.

The Freeport Rugby & Football Club was very pleased that Sir Jack Hayward could be present for the ceremony and the games as he has continued to be a fantastic supporter of the club. Bermuda won the overall competition with Bahamas and Cayman splitting second place. Many thanks to both teams for visiting Freeport and all the sponsors and helpers who made the weekend an unforgettable one for the kids that played and the spectators and parents who watched.

Saturday was a rugby festival format
Jnr size group
Bermuda Vs Cayman 30-0
Freeport Bahamas Vs Cayman 20-15
Bermuda Vs Freeport Bahamas 25-5

Open Size group
Freeport Bahamas Vs Bermuda 30-15
Freeport Bahamas Vs Barbarians 20-10
Bermuda Vs Barbarians 20-5

From the Sunday Games Jnr Internationals
Bermuda Vs Cayman Islands 30-5
Bermuda Vs Freeport Bahamas 20-10
Freeport Bahamas Vs Cayman 10-10