Dear Members, Friends and James Bond fans,

On behalf of the Freeport Rugby and Football Club we invite you to our first Annual James Bond evening “A View to a Thrill.”

This will be a major fundraising event to help in the ever present challenges of keeping our cherished non-profit organisation afloat in these financially difficult times.

Our Club has gone from strength to strength providing more and more young people with a stable and reliable place to practice their skills but providing this environment comes with an ever increasing cost.

These past couple of years we needed more space, we got it. We needed more equipment, we got it. We now need to be able to keep pace with the upward spiral in cost of everyday maintenance and unfortunately the need to rely on supportive, community minded people is necessary for us to keep striving forward as a club we can all be proud of.

With all that said we invite you to join us for what should be a spectacular evening full of fun, surprises and laughter…

Don’t forget, the more Bond trivia you know the better your chance of walking away with the Grand Prize.

It is important for us to know numbers in advance for the night so please let us know how many tickets you need by November 14th, 2009.

See you then,

Tony Johns (otherwise known as “M”)