After last season’s fire, the club is back – fitter , faster , stronger. Well a new tv a cleaner bar and a new dog ; indeed everything you expect from a rugby club.

Regardless, the doors are back open for a new season of crackling action , hard hits, innocuous fouls and a couple of quiet beers !

Ruby has started – thursday and tuesday from 6.30 with youth rugby soon to follow now that a new cabin boy has arrived fresh off the boat

mens’ football is every wednesday from 6.30 with youth footy starting at 5pm from wednesday the 7th October. Organised soccer games will be on mondays

ladies soccer begins soon on thursdays and ladies youth soccer every saturday from 2pm

As i said at the start, Mark the new cabin boy has reached and itching to get going for both rugby and football . James is still on squatters rights and will continue to hang around the bar – well you can’t call it serving !!

All together now
the freeport boys are on the pi……