A few years ago the Club recently celebrated its 40 year anniversary . This proud accomplishment has a downside as it means our founder and long time members have also been around for a further 40 plus years from the time they set foot on the hallowed turf . Thus as these folks get older it is inevitable that a few depart to that great rugby club in the sky. We were all shocked earlier this year with the sudden death of Cooperman and now we have more sad news to bring you .

Dr Alan Bater died sometime over the weekend. Alan came to the island over 40 years ago and set up his home here as well as establishing a veterinary clinic here . Remembered by all who ever came into contact with him , everyone has a story about Dr Bater . An avid rugby player, fan, referee and club man , Alan will be sorely missed .

Memories abound :

wipping his amex gold card from his speedos to pay a hefty bar tab whilst on tour

re-enginerring the clubs gateposts after a cocktail party

his ruddy face around the rugby field whilst marching nassau ( a’ la dan marino ) up the field

his legendary boxing days doos

his ” i only want to rent it not buy it ” quote

his raucous rugby songs

his love of animals AND women

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Alan Bater R.I.P – we’ll miss you mate