who said there is nowt to do in Freeport !

Well mosey on down to the club this weekend to see more sport than you can shake a mid-sized stick at .

It is a busy week for football ( the real type not this namby pamby one you have wear pads for ) and rugger ( now THATS a rough sport and no pads – unless you were cabin boy) in Grand Bahama as:

visiting Westminster Academy High School varsity girls and boys teams from Fort Lauderdale arrive to play games against two local select youth teams

the flakes from Kelloggs come in for some good old fashioned fisticuffs on the rugby field

The Westminster boys team visited in December 2007 and played the Dolly Madison Youth Academy boys, winning their first game and tying their second. They enjoyed that experience and decided to come once again, this time bringing along their girls’ team.

The games schedule will be as follows:

Friday, January 16 – Girls at 5:30pm
Boys at 7:30pm

Saturday, January 17 – Girls at 10am
Boys at 6pm

Jumbled up between the 2 footy games on saturday is the rugby game at 2.30 – 3 ish which will followed by good natured banter and light revelry in anticipation of the second boys football game.

Head Coach of the Dolly Madison Youth Academy, Mark Hardy said he was extremely pleased to be renewing acquaintances with Coach David Bishop and his team. “The games last year were extremely competitive and more importantly everyone involved enjoyed the occasion. We look forward to continuing the interaction in the years to come, as it makes for a great experience for the players, on and off the field,” said Hardy.

Coach David Bishop of the Westminster Academy boys team said, “It is a highlight of our soccer year to compete against this team. The Bahamian teams are so incredibly talented, and our boys really enjoy playing against them. We also enjoy spending time in the beautiful Bahamas, as we do some mission work. This year we’re glad to bring our girls’ varsity soccer team as well.”

Coaches Donnie and Mary Knowles who also run their successful girls programme from the Club are also looking forward to pitting their wits against the US team in a highly anticipated match .

Come down and join us