After a number of weeks of finalizing registrations , scouting players and fine-tuning teams to achieve in order to obtain competitive teams, the Boys Intermediate Soccer League is set to start their games the first week of December. This Wednesday (November 26th ) see the four teams take the field for their final friendly fixture before the big kick off.

This season sees a few changes from recent seasons as the organizers adapt to the needs of their players and the programme. Technical Director Mark Hardy noted that the influx of skilful young players aged 11 and 12 from coach Brad and Waynes Under 11 programme , coupled with the emergence of a group of elite 16 and 17 year olds , has led to the I league now being mainly for boys aged 12 to 15 .

As a result the I league looks a lot younger, more ‘skill based’ and less physical than recent years. Coach Hardy joked that this caused him some problems in changing the normal XL shirts to small and mediums! He is confident that the new stars will be the younger ball players such as Aaron Levarity, Claudio Vietta and Liam Brown. In addition Coach Scott noted that there are a few new players to the league who are also expected to make an impact. these include Justin and Aldeir Kalil who have both settled in well to the programme having recently moved to the island.

The league will have 4 teams this year:

AC Millies
GB Shipyard Wanderers
Cable Stars

Once again a competitive season is expected and, at this stage, the teams are too well balanced to make a determination as to the eventual winners.

The Intermediate League is just one of the age groups which falls under the umbrella of the successful Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy held every Wednesday from 5pm at Freeport Rugby & Football club

Coach Brad continues to coach the younger boys aged 8,9 and 10 in the finer elements and basics of the game and hopes to provide some competitive games soon.

The older boys (16 and above) have now branched out as a separate group who train and play games separately and are looking forward to a return visit from Westminster Academy from Fort Lauderdale in January. The High School made a successful visit last Christmas playing 2 games against the Dolly Madison Academy’s youngsters in what was the latter’s first games together as a team. Once again being coached by Coach Michael DeSantos, the team has been bolstered by new additions to the programme who appear to have added some extra quality such as Travis Taylor, Jason and Justin Raad. In readiness for these games and the forthcoming season, the players are soon to commence training on Mondays as well as Wednesdays and are also set to play games against local teams as well as local cruise ships. Discussions are also taking place to determine if these boys will follow in the footsteps of the Brita Red bulls and play as a ‘schoolboy’ team in the up and coming GBFL adult senior league.
As always coaches, sponsors, parents and suitable players are welcome every Wednesday from 5pm at Freeport Rugby & Football Club as part of the ever expanding Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy