The once mighty Pub on the Mall Red Dogs – still the only team outside of nassau to win the Bahamas National Championship – are on the verge of reforming according to widespread rumours.

After years of inactivity , probably the greatest football team ever to grace the hallowed turf of FRFC ( and yes that includes New York Cosmos and Luther Blisett’s All Star XI) are about to reform.

Given the age of the team ( mcmanus himself has just turned 72 whilst stef brutti is almost 20 now) and the relative distances apart of the players, the team has decided to reform via the internet, in particular on

At present the team is looking strong ( hardy, chuckles, speller , bad pizza, pap smear, browny , good jed, danny boy, mcmanus, mcskewan, snorton ( was he part of this dream team ) ) but is still missing Ernie BLOOOOOS and Roger the cat Duthie and of course baby brutti. Possible honourary members include kevin ‘the inn keeper’ , toye-boy, postman blaymire and the boys mitford and brewin.

Oh happy days

Fixtures to be arranged depending on ticket sales .

Please note that anyone answering to the name of trotsky will not be admitted