Bahamas National Rugby Team depart this Friday (April 18th) for ten days of intensive rugby during the World Cup Qualifying Tournament in Cayman! Held every four years the qualifying tournament represents the pinnacle of rugby in the Caribbean and offers the chance to play against some world class opposition!

Consisting of eight teams only one team can qualify for the next stage and the Bahamas will have three games to show their worth and move on to the South American stages. Among the other teams competing are Bermuda, Cayman, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Barbados, Turks, Ghana and Dominica. The squad consists of 23 players and the Freeport players chosen are Gio Rolle, Perkins Joseph, Edwin Joseph, Denney Osias, Kasay Charlton, Marco Surin, Jackelo Pierre, Brad Culmer & Leon Mcphee.

Next week we’ll update you with the latest tournament news! — Rob Speller