Players from the Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy host Westminster High School next week in two highly anticipated soccer games as the two sets of youngsters battle for the Whirlpool International Challenge Cup.

The games are to be played at Freeport Rugby & Football Club on

Thursday December 20th kick off 7pm

Friday December 21st kick off 6pm

Westminster High School, who are based in Florida, are bringing a squad of 20 players aged 15 to 18 for 3 days and will play 2 games against the best players that Grand Bahama can offer.

The Island’s players, who all play in the local Intermediate Soccer League , have been practising as a team for the last 3 weeks in preparation for the games and their coach, Mark Hardy, is confident that they will put up a good showing. He noted that the players have been playing in both the local Whirlpool League as well as getting together for the first time as a team to play against a local men’s team (Freeport FC). Given that the players have not played together as a unit before Hardy is happy with their progress to date.

So far approximately 18 players have been invited to try out for the Academy team which is effectively a Grand Bahamas All Star under 18s XI.

To date the preliminary squad includes: Connor Goodrum, Kevin Charlton, Roger Johnson , Jordan Farquason, Nicholas Joseph , Denzil Deveaux, Willie , Ralston Francis, Sam Taylor , Gunsov Navarrone, Kerlin Emile, Andre Turnquest, Terry Augustin , Aaron Levarity , Marco Borsetto, Christopher Malakious and ONeall ‘Yardie’ Marshall .

Fellow Coach Scott Kirkland noted the team has strength in all areas and blends the older stronger players, with some very good ‘ball players’ and, more intriguingly, youngsters with real potential and skill but without the physical attributes at this time. However that there was still a couple of players that the coaches were expecting out to practice with a hope of making the final squad , which is to be finallised next week.

All parents, players and supporters are encouraged to come and watch the games, 7pm Thursday 20th and 6pm Friday 21st.

For up-to-date information on the league and the rest of the Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy check out the newly revised website at