Once again the old boys showed the yung uns how to do it, on and off the field !!!!
Last week the Brockport Doggies flew to the great isle in search of the sun some fun and of course the obligatory game of Golden Oldie rugby. For those of you not converse in this great
sports idea it is only played by players who should have given up long ago, i.e. those over 35.
The two teams met on a glorious Friday afternoon which started in a great way with the Freeport youth members playing two age group games, 8-10 and 11- 16, as curtain openers. (youth rugby is held at the club from 10am till 11.30 each Saturday) The kids really played some great running rugby and hopefully show the club has a great future.
Following was the main event which brought out a crowd like no one had ever seen before, the terraces, the steps and the bar were packed with people jostling for the best vantage point, to get a drink!! sorry I meant watch the game.
The match started off in thrilling style with both teams testing the others defensive lines. Breaks were made by both teams only to be thwarted by great defensive work. Brockportmanaged to take first blood by scoring a blistering (well for old guys) try up the middle but this only put fire into the bellies of the Freeport team who quickly countered with a run down the right flank by Jeremy my last game Marquad who scored a great try. Steffano this is my first time Borsetto then slotted what can only be described as a majestic conversion (Rob please see him for some lessons!).
Freeport was then on a roll with the wind at their backs and Tony I just have to score every time I play Johns managed to use his startling pace to pounce on a miss kick by the Brockport full back that went from one side of the pitch to the other and scored out wide. All the players where then very happy when the ref one leg Kirkby blew for the end of the first third and a water break. This was obviously what Brockport needed as they came back stronger in the second and third periods scoring on four more occasions with solid forward work.
The Freeport team managed one further score and were unfortunately stopped just short of the Brockport line after some magnificent ball work and slight of hand by the oldest player on the pitch Dave just give me a few minutes Chisnel who showed everyone up at the tender age of 67.
This left the final standings at 31 points to Brockport and 17 to the Freeport Golden Oldies. This of course was duly forgotten as soon as both teams had left the field to enjoy the realreasonwhy there is Golden Oldie rugby the socialising and the telling of tales of great performances when everyone was a lot younger!!!
Big thanks to Brockport for coming down and making a memorable weekend at the club.
We hope to see you again