Boys Youth Soccer Program to changes its name to The Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy

March 12, 2007 Mark Hardy Organizer of the Grand Bahama Boys Youth Soccer Development Program visited Mr. Don Roberts, President of Dolly Madison Home Center to thank him for committing to fund the Grand Bahama Boys Youth Soccer Program. As part of their continuing commitment to the youth of the Grand Bahama, Mr. Roberts stated Dolly Madison Home Center in conjunction with Whirlpool is pleased to announce an ongoing partnership with Mr. Mark Hardy and The Grand Bahama Boys Youth Soccer Development Program.

On December 7th 2006 Dolly Madison Home Center stepped up to the plate with its first donation to fund the five-year-old Youth Soccer program, which caters to Grand Bahama boys aged 8 to 21 years old. Currently, over 100 youngsters regularly attend weekly coaching sessions and competitive games at Freeport Rugby & Football Club.

Mr. Roberts commented, Our youth need positive ways to expend the great energy that they possess. We at Dolly Madison Home Center are pleased to facilitate directing some of that energy towards The Boys Youth Soccer Program under the tutelage of Mr. Mark Hardy. It is for this reason that we are here today to present a second check in support of this fine program. Finally, I wish to formally invite all male Youth between the ages of 8 and 21 to Come on Down and participate

Organizer of the Boys Youth Soccer program, Mr. Mark Hardy, was so delighted about the new partnership with Dolly Madison that he proclaimed that the successful youth soccer program would officially change its name to the Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy. Further, the Boys Intermediate League will now be called The Whirlpool I-League

Mr. Hardy noted that the donations provided by Dolly Madison would enable the Program to continue to grow. As we continue to expand, the need for extra equipment increases as does the ongoing running costs. We have tremendous development plans and the generous donation by Mr. Roberts and Dolly Madison will equip us to meet these objectives.

The Dolly Madison Youth Soccer Academy will continue to:

provide higher level coaching by licensed and experienced soccer coaches

provide a safe and stable environment where the boys can enhance their social skills and learn the importance of team work.

arrange games against youth teams from other Bahamian islands and US teams – both traveling to play and hosting teams

run an Intermediate League (Whirlpool I league) for boys aged between 13 and 17

assist in young players obtaining overseas soccer college scholarships

play an important role in the planning and running of the English Premier League Soccer summer camp which attracts almost 200 participants every year and is scheduled for the week commencing June 25th this year.