Youth Soccer league introduces Draft system to promote equality

The National Football League ( NFL) is widely considered the best sports league in the world; primarily as it preaches equality via the college players draft system . The worst team one season, then has first pick of all the new players in the following season .

The Whirlpool Intermediate Youth Soccer League is taking a similar route to ensure the teams are as equal as possible before the season starts on February 28th. Consequently Wednesday February 21st sees the first ever Soccer draft for the best 12 players from the recent season in preparation for the new season.

Dynamo Smit finished last season so therefore coach Tomi has first pick , followed by Coach Michael from Borco Oilers , Cable Bahamas Stars and finally winners GB Shipyard Wanderers . This same order is followed in the next 2 rounds until the 12 players deemed the best by the coaches have all been allocated to their new teams.

League organizer Mark hardy believes this is the best way to ensure parity amongst the teams and ultimately ensure the boys continue to develop. He said I see little point in teams beating their opponents by a bucketload of goals as both teams gain little from the games. Evenly match teams and hence competitive games allow the players to pit their skills against one another and is a far more effective method of the players improving their game. Myself and my fellow coaches sat down before the season and discussed how we could ensure some parity of teams and we believe this is a good way of achieving that. In addition it adds a little excitement to the league and , by awarding prizes for the top draft picks , rewards the consistent, committed and skilful players in the league.

Top draft picks are likely to include

Kerlin Emile
Reko Jean
Tootz Sands
Travis Yardie Taylor
Sam Taylor

Don’t be surprised if some of the younger players are also highlighted as ‘must haves’ as the coaches look to introduce a little more flair into their teams . Such players include:

Preston Rolle
Andrea Turnquest
Aaron Levarity

Draft pick will commence following the presentation of team and individual player awards which starts from 5.30- on Wednesday 21st at Freeport Rugby and Football Club.