The new Boys Whirlpool Intermediate Soccer League officially kicks off this week with four teams competing . The I league is for boys aged 14 to 17 and has been set up to ‘bridge the gap’ between the YMCA youth league and the GBFL adult league.

Organiser Mark Hardy noted that youth coaches have observed this gap in the market for a number of years but it is only now that he feels there are sufficient boys playing to ensure a viable and competitive league structure. He added Our Programme has been in operation for 5 years now and a number of players who started with us at that time now fall into this 14 to 17 years of age category. Consequently it is an ideal time to begin the league . Already we have 50 players registered and eager to get the league started after some friendly scrimmages .

The four teams battling for honours are :

Cable Bahamas Stars
GB Shipyard Wanderers
Dynamo Smit
Borco Oilers

The coaches have taken a lot of time to determine the teams to try and ensure that they are all relatively equal in ability and they all expect a close fought contest over the next two months.

Cable Bahamas Stars are coached jointly by Leon Smith and Eon Austin who both have a wealth of experience from playing in Guyana. This strong looking team will probably start favourites and includes Denzil Deveaux in defence and Sam Taylor as an attacking midfielder.

GB Shipyard Wanderers are coached by Scott The Rev Kirkland and certainly have a wealth of talent going forward with the likes of Christopher Malakious, Roger Johnson and Reko Jean . Expect to see plenty of goals at both ends when the Wanderers are on the field !

Dynamo Smit will be Coached by Tomi the Finn Hirmasto and look to have a well balanced team with Michael Watkins unlikely to allow his defence to concede too many goals. With Andre Turnquest and Asteir Dean running the midfield and Delario Role upfront look to this team to be one of the leaders as the season progresses.

Borco Oilers are coached by Michael Irving and also have a group of promising young players . Look to Alfred Lewis to shore up the defence , Tejean Sands to add some bite in midfield and the skilful Preston Rolle to add some flourishing touches on the wing.

Games are from 5 Oclock every Wednesday at Freeport Rugby & Football Club . All supporters are welcome. Regular reports and standings for the Whirlpool I League will appear in the Freeport News.

In addition the Boys Development Programme also coaches boys aged 9 to 13 and holds a goalkeeping clinic every Wednesday from 5pm to 6.30pm at the same venue. Boys aged 18 to 21 are coached from 6.30pm to 8 oclock.