Yep you read it right. This goal fest kept the fans on the edge of their seats ! 21 goals at least – can you ask for more. This match reporter, arriving late with 40 minutes already gone , due to traffic congestion, still managed to see over a dozen goals – and 62 offisides from ghassan and steffano. The local veterans were booosted by pre match news that both mark hardy and tony johns were unavaialble for the game . The match had everything silky footwork , crunching tackles , goalmouth action all over the pitch , dancing girls – pure hollywood. No real match report as too much to report , tony lopez hitting a screamer past tommi from 35 yards, phil page running like the energiser bunny , paul brown disputing and ‘doing a hand bags at 10 paces’ on their 7 th goal which brought them within 7 !

As Sid Waddell would say

Only one word to desribe that —magic darts

a rematch has been promised with the seven seas sister ship flown in especially for a combined team to meet the power that is Freeport Fc !!!