Sunday 3rd of December saw the power house fitness machines of the FRFC take to their bikes for a sponsored 50 mile bike ride in aid of Junior Rugby. Move over Lance; the RFC pelaton took to the roads of Grand Bahama in a magnificent display of riding. The route, brilliantly planned by Iron Man Page, took the riders through some of the most magnificent scenery on the Island. The chicken farm, the never built bridge, Dover sound, and the water tower were all included in what Conde Naste calls the Most scenic ride in the World

This major event planned over many months by Chris memo Cafferatta reached the peak of his organizing abilities. To get a crew like this out on a Sunday morning during Christmas party time was magnificent a very emotional Chris Caff revealed in a tearful exclusive interview. Kirk Antoni refused to comment on the time taken by the law practice to organize the event but did indicate that his bottom was a little sore, and that possible legal action against his boss was pending. Stuart Barbie doll Garner was also seeking legal advise as he had apparently been told that real men wear pink, and had secured a fetching little pink cycling top from Chris Caff.

The ride was a very slow pleasant amble through the country side with the cyclists hoping that the much appreciated support team would not be required. Refreshments at the watering holes were splendid and also much appreciated by the road warriors. The cycling crew of Chris Caff, Kirk Antoni, Jerry Coleborn, Dave Dillon, Jim Pierson, Joe Thompson Bruce Silvera, Stuart Garner and Phil Page all arrived back at Taino beach unscathed for some well deserved refreshments.

If you missed the opportunity to get a slice of this hot action it is not to late to contribute to the Junior Rugby section. Please contact Chris Cafferatta to make your donation.