A few words from our distinguished new Club President , Mr Roberto Speller:

As we are approach the 2006/7 season the Freeport Rugby and Football Club is pleased to announce the date for the season opening Presidents Cocktail. This annual event opens the 41st season of the club and the upcoming season could prove a pivotal year in the Clubs history with more teams, youth programs than ever before and a planned expansion of the facilities never seen in the clubs history thus far.

The Cocktail party will be Friday October 6th and drinks and finger food will be served from 6.30 pm onwards with a complimentary bar for the first hour. The Cocktail Party is aimed at welcoming back our loyal and trusting members to renew their subscriptions and enjoy a complimentary cocktail but also to provide a platform for new members to visit the club and hear about the exciting programs the club offers for all age groups and how their membership can help provide much needed financial support to enable the various sections of the club to grow in the future.

With recent donations from the English Premier League and the continuous fund raising efforts of the club this year should see the club expand from the current one rugby / soccer pitch to an additional full size soccer pitch and a 2/3 size training pitch plus additional changing and bathrooms facilities. The plans for the club will mean that all our youth programs can be expanded and will give the kids of our community access to some of the finest facilities in the Bahamas. As ever all these programs and expansions plans take time / effort and money, so we ask for all interested persons to come to the cocktail party and join the club.

Again we shall see the soccer section provide two teams to the GBFL league (youth side are current Grand Bahama Champions) and with our youth soccer program booming it shouldnt be long before these numbers grow further. The ladies soccer also will be adding a further team and the rugby side will be defending the Bahamas Cup which should prove exciting times for everyone involved at the club. Our Soccer and Rugby Youth programs will begin in early October and for a full schedule of all our teams and youth programs you can check the web site at www.rugbyfootballbahamas.com or call our new custodian Tomi Hirmasto at 352 2952.

On behalf of everyone on the committee of the Club we wish all the kids, players and members of the club a great season and we look forward to meeting all the existing members and all the new potential members on the evening of Friday October 6th at 6.30 pm at the Freeport Rugby & Football Club, East Settlers Way.