It will soon be that time again. Boots will be retrieved from a musty sports bag chucked in the spare bedroom, tiger balm and a new nike ‘perma dry’ shirt will be purchased from the states and a steady stream of players will head onto to the hallowed turf that is Freeport Rugby and Football Club, skipping around like a newly born lamb in springtime.

Yep the old lady opens her doors again officially on September 1st with the Annual General Meeting at which a new slate of officers will be press ganged into service. With a new innkeeper freshly installed and all the hair products and glamour magazines, left over from Cabin Boy’s reign of apathy, confined to the rubbish bin there is indeed a whiff of excitement in the air – or is that just the chicken farm ?

Training for all sections will commence in september as the club looks to continue on from last year’s success: Bahamas Cup Rugby Champions, Club’s youth team winning GBFL adult soccer league with the senior side finishing runners up ( figure that one ) and Ladies’ soccer team also finishing runers up in the GBFL women’s league . In addition the Club will also continue the work on the new practice and soccer pitches destined for the Club as it consolidates our position as the leading amateur club facility in the Caribbean. If we’re lucky we might even be able to turn the swimming pool water a different shade of green !

Practice nights are as follows:

Men’s rugby starts september 4th from 6.30 and is on both monday and thursdays, with games expected to begin in October and a tour to Atlanta scheduled for late October.

Youth rugby (for ages 10 and above) will begin in late september from 10am to midday every saturday.

Men’s soccer also starts on september 4th from 6.30 and will be on mondays and wednesdays. The GBFL league is scheduled to start the first week of november , with the senior guys travelling to Atlanta in October and the younger guys ( Brita Red Bull) travelling to Abaco for pre season ‘friendlies’ .

Youth soccer (ages 8 to 19) starts on wednesday September 6th at 5pm and this year includes a new Intermediate league for boys aged 14 to 17 .

Ladies soccer will commence in late september and is every tuesday and thursday from 5.30 to 7pm.

All new players, supporters, well wishers are welcome to attend the practice sessions . Any further information can be obtained via myself at 357 5403 or via the contact e-mail list on this website.