Following on from the recent testimonials for Roy Keane and Alan Shearer, Freeport FC are pleased to announce the upcoming testimonial for Jimmy Fingers and Cabin Boy this Friday at Freeport Rugby Football Club commencing at 6.30pm – traffic permitting. It is hoped that a galaxy of international superstars will be lining up in opposition to pay tribute to the skills and contributions of the 2 club members. Failing that , if you bring your boots you may get a game !!! Indeed , rumour has it that the evening may well turn out to be ‘bragging rights match’ as the newly crowned GBFL champions Brita Red Bull ( aka the yout) take on Freeport FC ( aka the old gits). The latter firmly believe that the youngsters may well be GBFL champions but are still the second best team at the club !! should be interesting.

Enough of the bickering though. Friday’s game is a tribute to Fingers and Cabin Boy who are both moving onto pastures new. Cabin Boy (pictured right) has just been accepted into the prestigious Cheltenham School for Girls where he will be majoring in hair styling and general gayness . His recent predilection of hanging around the island’s high schools has helped his cause no end in this respect. Rumours he is being mentored by Professor G. Glitter have not been confirmed at this stage.

Jimmy Fingers (pictured left) is moving to Eckingthorpe Pie Eaters FC where he will combine his centre-forward role with that of managing the club’s tuckshop .

Famous for his famous ‘no look air shot’ which was perfected in the recent tour to Miami , Fingers will leave some big shorts to fill at the club.

Kick off is 6.30 Friday at Freeport Rugby Football Club