A perceived ( from some players apparently ) ‘stroll to the title’ by Freeport FC took a turn for the worse on sunday when Freeport FC (aka The Old Gits) were stunned by a tremndous 2nd half comeback by Brita Red Bull ( aka the Yout’). Cruising at half time with 2 goals from Jerone Cocker , the team proceeded to self destruct in the second half and ended up losing 3:2. To be fair to Brita, they fully deserved their win and now sit handily placed in second place on goal difference and are now brimming with confidence as the season goes into the second round. An absolute belter by Wilfred Guerrier, a second goal by Jacko Augustin i think ( don’t ask me i’m just the centre-half which explains a lot really) and a neatly taken goal from Antonio ‘Donuts’ Charles gave the youngsters a deserved win in a second half that saw them really come of age and dominate all areas of the field .

Even the late arrival of Jimmy Fingers , flying in from the US, failed to halt the slide of Freeport FC. Indeed his impact on the game was immediate , within 20 seconds of him getting on the pitch the youngsters scored !

Freeport FC look to get back to winning ways on sunday against Chelsea but may again be without key players through injury , work or ‘under the thumb-itis’. Loking on the bright side for the team , recent fitness reports indicate that perspirational Manager Tony Johns is still months away from first team football . Recent rumours had suggested he was almost back to match fitness but fortunately these appear to be unfounded.

Up next for the Youngsters are their new best friends , the Jarmaykarns, who were cheering them on wildly on sunday – probably because they don’t have the ability to beat Freeport FC themselves !!! Tunch of Bossers !